home movie (2014)

home movie (2014)



1st Korea Expat and Indie Film Festival (Seoul, Korea) 21.6.2015:
Winner “Best Expat Feature Film”;
Ciclo de Cine @ Centro Niemeyer (Áviles,
España) 26.6.2015 & 11.10.2015; 
Jornadas de Reapropiación (México D.F. 11.2015);
VISIONA Ciclo “Cine con memoria” (Huesca, España 2016); TrueDoc Documentary Festival (2016); RushDoc Film Festival (2016).  Winner: "Best Documentary Film"; Laboral Cineteca (Gijón) 23.3.2017; Santander Photo 3.52018.

Title/Título: Home Movie
Year/Año: 2014
Genre/Género: Documentary/Documental
Running time/Duración: 61 min.
Language/Idiomas: ENG, SPA (w/ subtitles)/inglés, español (subtítulos en español)
Country/País: España
Director: Mark John Ostrowski
Producer: Mark John Ostrowski
Photography: Mark John Ostrowski
Music: Grant Burton, Mark John Ostrowski
Editing: Juan Tizón, Mark John Ostrowski



The death of film as a medium is mirrored in one man's attempt to chart his family's fall from grace.

Poland, at the dawn of the 20th century. Everything is falling apart. The young Jan Ostrowski is forced to abandon everything--home, family, friends--and emigrate to America. He settles down in Bayonne, New Jersey, and as time goes by and new generations are born, memory grows fragile and the film used to record family memories begins to fade...By something always remains: in this case, a bunch of old photos, a couple rolls of 8mm film, which that Polish emigrant's grandson will use to make peace with his past by filiming his own Home Movie.

Depósito Legal: AS 03386-2014
ISAN: 0000-0003-DC9C-0000-C-0000-0000-1